How to stay calm when you know you’re going to be stressed

Finding yourself weighed down by deadlines and cracking under the pressures of coursework? If so, you’re probably a student. Are you good at making decisions whilst under extreme amounts of stress? If not, you’re probably a human.

Exam season is crashing down on students soon, with deadlines following closely behind. You might even be suffering from some pre-stress already (feeling stressed about the stress that you know you’ll be stressed about), so what can be done to prepare? Luckily there’s a TED Talk for everything, and Daniel Levitin makes some useful points here:

By practicing prospective hindsight, the “pre-mortem”, you can prepare for the worst and protect yourself against potential disaster. Here’s what we recommend planning for in student life…

Technology tantrums
Even in 2017, if your technology is going to give up, it’s going to give up with a bang and cause as much of a scene as possible. Melodramatic Macs and limelight-loving laptops can crash on the last day of a deadline or on the eve of an exam, so make sure everything is backed up on a memory stick or stored in The Cloud. Saving regularly could save the day.

Deadline day
There aren’t many worse things than being worried about meeting a deadline – you know, when you can almost feel it hanging over you. It sounds simple, but the trick here is to start early and space things out to avoid a last-minute rush. Struggling to start is classic student procrastination (more on that here [link to previous blog]), but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Awkward answers
Nothing sinks your heart quicker than leaving an exam and hearing how different your classmates’ answers were to your own. A way to combat this, as well as being useful for essay writing, is discussion. Study groups, quick chats or revision sessions are great ways of keeping topics on track and confidence high. You’ll walk in feeling focused and full of the correct knowledge.

Preparation is key!

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