Podcasts – What’re you listening to?

Whether you love them, hate them or are yet to give them a go, it’s hard to deny that 2017 is the year of the podcast. More and more listeners are tuning in on train journeys and treadmills, whilst established names and new sensations alike are setting up studio and starting conversation that they hope will entertain, educate and enlighten.

There is a podcast for everyone. Whatever you want to do – laugh; cry; be inspired or just learn something new, there is certainly a series for you. If you’re yet to find your favourite or decide on this week’s download, here are our suggestions to get you started.


TED Radio Hour – look through our blog and you’ll soon see that we love a TED Talk (there’s one for everything. Stressed? TED talk. Procrastinating? TED Talk.) so we became regular listeners of Radio Hour pretty quickly. Each episode uses multiple TED Talks to examine a common theme – ghost stories to leadership to fake news, and everything inbetween.

Di$unomics – this podcast says that ‘everything in life is a transaction’, and sets about simplifying economics and politics for the masses. It’s understandable that the housing market and mortgages aren’t at the forefront of your thoughts whilst studying, but there is certainly something to be said about getting the knowhow now.



Myths and Legends – Jason Weiber started his series by hammering out scripts in his car whilst on lunch, instantly making it a bonafide “started from the bottom” podcast. He tells stories of myths, legends and folklore from around the world in as entertaining a way as possible. Did you know that the original Beauty and the Beast story has monkey butlers with parrots strapped to their heads so that they can talk to you? No? Maybe you should check out Episode 35…

Cracked Podcast – an extension of entertainment website cracked.com, the Cracked Podcast fearlessly debate the topics that the masses demand to hear – from a glorious history of failed amusement parks to fierce discussion about how every movie is spoiled by characters’ hair. You might learn some useless trivia, you’ll definitely laugh.

Myths x Cracker


Serial – an award-winning investigative journalism podcast, Serial is responsible for a lot of people’s first foray into podcasts. True stories about love, death, justice and truth are told over the course of a season which brings suspense, surprise and suspicion – not even the host knows how it will end. Follow the facts to separate truth from fiction and find out what really happened.


What’re you listening to at the moment?

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