Results Day Freebies

If there’s ever going to be where you need a free treat, to either celebrate or cheer you up, it’s Results Day. Check out our pick of the Thursday Freebies below…


Free eye tests

Can’t quite believe what’s written on the results slip? Head down to Tesco for a free eye test to make sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – this will also be handy for when you’re sitting at the back of the lecture hall; no more squinting to see the slides!


Free Goodfella’s Stonebaked Pizza

Whilst you’re in Tesco, check out the pizzas and find that Goodfella’s Stonebaked are down to £1 – keep this voucher handy to pick it up for free. Is there anything better than free pizza?


Free GBK burger + side

You’ll need the Gourmet Burger Kitchen app – download it and look for an offer called “Lapsed Lunch”. For some reason not everybody gets this, but if you’re one of the chosen few you’ll be getting a seriously cheap lunch.


Free face masks

Whichever way the day goes, you’re going to want some downtime to relax and gather yourself – what better way than with a free facemask to keep you feeling fresh! Join the 7th Heaven VIP club here to try the new products before anyone else.


Free glass of prosecco

Whether celebrating or not, a drink is well deserved so download the All Bar One app and get a free glass of prosecco in your local branch. We can’t think of a better way to kick off the post-results weekend.

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