What to do on Results Day

It’s Results Day-eve – here are our tips for how to prepare and what to do.


It’s important to start the day in the right way – whether you’re jingling with nerves or brimming with excitement, you’re going to need a full stomach to keep you going. Seeing as it’s your big day, you might even be able to blag a special breakfast from the parents…

Log in

Make sure you’ve got your Track Login details to hand – this is your first port of call when you’re finding out whether you’ve got in or not. Whilst it won’t tell you your exact grades, you will be able to see whether your uni has accepted you.

University Contact Details

Unsure about something? Your chosen university will be on hand to help you out – they’ve been here before and have seen it all, so try not to panic and let them help you out as best they can.

The pick-up

Next you’ll need to head to school (perhaps for the last time!) and pick up your results. Hopefully you’ll see the rewards of all your hard work over the past two years, and can begin the celebrations. If you didn’t quite get what you hoped for, there are still some options.

Wrong grades; what now?

There are going to be plenty of people around that can offer advice on the day – the main options available to you now are:

  • Your grades might be strong enough to get you onto a course at a different university. Remember to think things through and don’t just jump at the first opportunity.
  • There’s always a second chance. Retaking you’re A-Levels probably doesn’t sound great right now, but it might be the best option for the long term.
  • Take a gap year. Work, travel, study – a chance to decide what it is that you really want to do.


Whatever happens, we’re wishing you the best!

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