5 useful hacks for students this Halloween

Take a look at our helpful hacks for a cheap and fun Halloween. Whether hosting a party in your student flat, or if you’re off out into town, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Costumes

Here’s a top 10 list of cheap costumes ideas that are perfect for any last-minute Halloween party invites. Our favourites are the light-up jellyfish hat and pop-art face paint!

  1. Decorations

These bin bag spiders webs are a great way to decorate your student flat. And these floating ghosts are fun to make with your housemates; all you need to do is drape cheesecloth over a balloon or Styrofoam ball using PVA glue.

  1. Food

Check out these delicious spider cupcakes which are super easy to rustle up in a student kitchen. And there’s a huge selection of spooky recipes here – we love the pumpkin hummus and slime bug cups.

  1. Drinks

Get creative and make creepy ice cubes. Simply add a spot of food colouring to water, or even a few gummy worms. This sherbet punch recipe is non-alcoholic and makes a great centrepiece to your Halloween refreshments table.

  1. Games

There are some classic student Halloween games such as mummy wrap (all you need is some toilet paper!), and foodie ones such as doughnuts on a string or face the cookie.


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