8 Top Tips to Build Confidence and go the Gym Alone!

Staying fit and healthy is important and going to the gym is an easy way to do this.

Living away from home in student accommodation and being a fan of the gym might mean that you’ll have to go it alone when you first arrive in your new home.

Going to the gym alone can be daunting, especially for those of you who have never been to the gym before. This guide is designed to help you build confidence and go to the gym alone without fear. 

Working out is a great way to stay fit and healthy, build confidence in your body, and help you find a community. 

We’ve all been there, a new person in a new, unfamiliar place. Whether you are a gym lover living in a new town or a newbie trying to build confidence but a little scared of going to the gym alone, this guide is for you.

Make the most of gym inductions

Personal trainer with client

If you are completely new to going to the gym it makes sense to take in the induction with a trained fitness expert. 

Most gyms provide this to new gym-goers, a tour taken by one of the personal trainers. 

You’ll be given a guided tour of the gym and how to use all the equipment effectively and safely. 

This is the point where you can ask all the questions that you want to. You might feel a lack of confidence in using certain machines and pieces of gym equipment, but no question is silly, ask away at this point. It’s what a gym induction is for.


Go to the gym alone when it’s quiet

Girl training in a gym alone

If you want to slowly build up your confidence in the gym, try going at times when it is quieter.

It can be quite scary to go into a gym that is full of people who look like they know what they’re doing when you’ve not yet got confidence in the gym.

Ask the trainer during your induction when the quiet times of day are and start off going at those times if you can.

Slowly build up your confidence until you’re ready to go to the gym at any time of day, no matter how busy it is.


Look at classes

Gym class

A fantastic way to build up your confidence in going to the gym alone might be to look at going to some classes with other people new to the gym.

Going to a class as a beginner will help put you around other people in a similar boat to you, give you pointers and training about certain moves and exercises that you want to try out, and gives you a great way to meet new people.

Whether you want to continue to train alone at the gym or with others, you can find a community there if you want to.

Gym classes include Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, spinning, and much more. Take a few different classes and see what you like most.


Set realistic goals

Woman celebrating her goals

Setting goals in any part of your life is an effective way to stay motivated.

The gym is no different, especially if you struggle with your confidence.

Set both short-term and long-term goals for your gym time and personal health and fitness but be realistic with them.

Targets you’ve set for yourself help to keep you motivated on days when you’d rather be doing anything else, assisting you in maintaining fitness and positive habits.

With this greater sense of purpose in your gym sessions, you’ll soon start seeing the progress you are making, which in turn boosts your confidence and helps you reach the next set of goals.


Find your beat

Girl listenign to music while working out

You often see people out running with headphones on, or those at the gym staying in the zone with music in their ears. 

Make a playlist of your favourite music to work out and make sure that it is all of a similar tempo. 

If you need something to keep your feet moving at a fair pace, go for an upbeat playlist of songs. For a steady, slower pace, find the right tunes for you. 

Some people listen to podcasts or audiobooks, whatever it is you need to do to stay focused and to help you through the motions of exercise whilst you are still finding your confidence.


Plan ahead for every workout

Girl planning her workout routine

Once you’ve had your induction and know the layout of the gym you can begin to plan for every session with a bit more confidence. 

Research different workouts and use the advice of the personal trainer to plan and know what equipment you will need and how long you’ll need to complete the workouts you want to do. 

This gives you a sense of purpose every time you step foot into the gym and naturally builds confidence.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Women asking for help in the gym

Remember, every person in the gym is human. 

They’ve all had the first day in that gym, been unaware of the surroundings and needed help at some point. 

Never be afraid to ask someone for help, whether it’s the person training next to you or a member of staff. You’ll find that people are generous and helpful in showing you what you need to know.


Stick to a routine

Sticking to a routine is a good way to build up confidence and to stay positive in going to the gym alone, even if you are struggling. 

This is where your short-term goals and long-term goals will come in helpful, providing you with that blueprint, a map of the journey you are taking that shows you that by sticking to a routine you’ll get to where you want to be.



Some of our student accommodation includes on-site gym access, so keep an eye out for that and make the most of your student home. Building confidence to go to the gym alone is a process. Always take the induction and any help provided by the gym staff, go to classes, research, and prepare thoroughly, stick to a routine, and never be afraid to ask for help. You’ll get there, building up your confidence and fitness together in a fun, engaging way.

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