Student Friendly Jobs To Consider In 2023

Studying at university can put you in difficult financial situations and with the current cost of living crisis taking its toll, being scrapped for cash and having little disposable income is impacting students across the country. 

Finding a job which works alongside your studies and boosts your student budget can be challenging.

Most students tend to work in the hospitality, retail or food industries, but there are plenty of student-friendly jobs out there which you may not have considered. 

If you’re looking for a part time job to work alongside your studies, we’ve put together this guide of the best student friendly jobs to consider in 2023. 

student friendly jobs

The Benefits Of A Part Time Job 

Earning some extra money to help you out with rent, utility bills and ensure you can spend time socialising isn’t the only benefit of working a part time job whilst studying. 

There are plenty of other pros of student jobs, we’ve listed a few below: 

  • You gain transferable skills.
  • You’ll meet new people and build new connections. 
  • You become more confident. 
  • You gain independence. 
  • Gain a taste of working life.
  • Boost your CV for when you graduate. 

Whilst there are many advantages of working whilst studying, you should also ensure that your grades and social life aren’t impacted.

It’s important to have a healthy work-life balance, even when working part time! 

benefits of a part time job

Student Friendly Jobs 

There are plenty of student friendly jobs out there which will suit your lifestyle, fit around your schedule and provide you with that extra income you need, without impacting your student experience. 

Although, we know that searching for jobs takes up your time and effort, and it may be the last thing you want to do after getting in from a busy day of lectures. 

This is why we’ve done the hard work for you with this list of student friendly jobs! 

part time jobs for students

1. Personal Tutor 

Tutoring someone in your degree subject may be a good option if you’re searching for student friendly jobs.

Working as a personal tutor can be an incredibly rewarding job as you can enhance young people’s learning and help prepare them for exams and qualifications.

Not to mention, becoming a tutor can look great on your CV for when you graduate.  

You can either tutor young people in-person or online, depending on your preference and your schedule. 

The best part is you get to choose how much and how often you work as you’re your own boss so it’s super flexible while studying! 

You can often find tutoring jobs through your university or online tutoring platforms.

personal tutor student friendly jobs

2. Pet Sitter 

Chances are, when considering student friendly jobs, pet sitting won’t have crossed your mind. 

Who wouldn’t want to chill with some four-legged friends whilst getting paid for it? It’s the dream job if you’re missing your pets from home and want to earn a little more cash! 

The way it works is, you look after a pet whilst its owner is away or at work, whether it’s feeding them, walking them, playing with them or just ensuring they’re content whilst their owner isn’t there. 

You can set your own hours when pet sitting so you can easily work alongside your degree by looking after pets in your local area.

You’re also able to choose your salary and the type of tasks you’re able to do!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, there’s plenty of websites and apps out there.

pet sitter student friendly jobs

3. Student Brand Ambassador 

Working as a brand ambassador involves representing and promoting a particular brand or product to the public, or to other students on campus. 

This could involve setting up booths or displays on campus, handing out flyers for club nights, organising events to raise awareness or sharing content on social media. 

Taking up a job as a brand ambassador whilst at uni can be fun and rewarding as it allows you to connect with people, develop marketing skills and build relationships, as well as earn money at the same time!

Student Brand Ambassador 

4. Delivery Rider 

If you’re wanting a flexible position where you choose your own hours and travel often, working part time as a delivery rider may be a good option for you. 

Working as a delivery driver involves picking up and dropping off a wide range of items, such as food deliveries from Uber Eats or grocery deliveries with Deliveroo. 

You can work as much or as little as you want, whether that’s for a few hours after you finish uni during the week, or during the morning on the weekend, it’s your choice. 

You can work as a delivery rider with a car, scooter or bicycle, but do note the requirements vary if you’re driving your own vehicle. 

Pop on a podcast or your favourite Spotify playlist and earn some money whilst delivering some food or goods to people in your uni city or town! 

delivery river student friendly jobs

5. Babysitter 

If you’re good with children and enjoy spending time with little ones, why not consider working as a babysitter whilst studying? 

Whilst working as babysitter or childminder, you will be responsible for taking care of children when their parents or guardians are away, and usually involves preparing meals, keeping them entertained and ensuring their safety. 

You may also be required to help with homework, some light housework and selecting fun activities, but this varies from family to family. 

You can learn a lot whilst babysitting, even if it’s just for a few hours during the evening after uni or on the weekends. 

Sure, this type of work isn’t for everyone and requires more responsibility than other part-time jobs, but it can be fun and equip you with skills which will look great on your CV! 

babysitter part time work

6. Personal Trainer 

Another student-friendly job you may not have considered is working as a personal trainer. 

A job as a personal trainer involves assessing clients’ fitness levels and helping them achieve their goals whether it’s in a gym or fitness centre.

It’s a role which focuses on supporting people in their exercise journey and ensuring they hit their targets. 

The only thing is, you do need to enrol on a personal trainer course to land a part time job, but if you’re a fitness fanatic, helping others get healthy and stay in shape can be an exciting role! 

You’ll have complete control and flexibility if you choose to work as a self-employed PT, but you can also source out jobs at gyms within your area. 

working as a personal trainer

7. Housekeeper 

Working as a housekeeper is a great part-time job to consider whilst at university, especially if you don’t enjoy working in busy, customer-facing environments. 

Housekeeping involves keeping a residence clean, tidy, and organised, with possible day-to-day tasks including dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and changing linens. 

You could work as a housekeeper within a hotel, ensuring that bedrooms and bathrooms are clean and fresh on time to ensure a great stay for guests. 

Although, there are a variety of different housekeeping positions out there, such as within care homes, hospitals or family homes and so on! 

housekeeper student friendly jobs

8. Freelance Work 

Freelancing part-time can be a great way to earn some extra money whilst still being able to focus on other commitments, like studying for your degree. 

This is very different to other student-friendly jobs, as working freelance means you have to market yourself by developing a strong online presence as well as creating a portfolio to showcase your skills and experience. 

To work freelance, you need to find your niche and identify your skills and strengths so you can determine the services you will offer to clients, such as graphic design, photography and so on. 

As a freelancer, you are responsible for your own success and you do need to track your own income and expenses, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll reap the benefits and be your own boss! 

working freelance student friendly jobs

Where To Look For Student Friendly Jobs? 

There are a variety of ways you can find a part time job whilst studying, we’ve listed a few ways below! 


If you’re looking to find part time work off campus, you can find vaccines to suit you through online job boards and job portals.

Indeed and Total Jobs are popular job sites you can use to search for ‘part time’ jobs in your university city or town, and you can even receive email alerts when new positions are advertised. 

online jobsites

University Website 

Your university website is a good place to start if you’re wanting a part time job whilst studying, as the working opportunities are exclusive to the student population at your institution. 

You should be able to search for opportunities at a specific location or by job type, or just browse through all the current vacancies available on campus. 

university website student friendly jobs

Social Media 

In addition to job sites, social media can also be a great place to find student friendly jobs with LinkedIn and Facebook becoming more popular to get noticed by employers and apply for jobs directly. 

Although, it’s important to grow your online presence when applying for jobs through social media and ensure you’re remaining professional – be sure to hide any embarrassing drunk photos. 

social media searching for jobs

We hope this guide has been useful for those wanting to support themselves whilst working a part time role at university. 

Remember, you should communicate your availability and schedule with prospective employers, and be proactive about managing your time and workload whilst studying. 

Get ahead of the competition by applying for part time jobs now, good luck! 

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