Making the Most of Campus Facilities: Libraries, Support Services, and More

Welcome to our guide to on-campus facilities! Beyond classrooms and dorms, universities offer a range of resources like libraries, fitness centre support services and so much more. These are designed to not only help you succeed academically but also enjoy your time on campus and make the most of your university journey. 

If you are starting uni soon, you might not know what all your uni could offer you, so join us as we explore different campus facilities like career centres fitness facilities and so much more. 

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Library Resources

Although this seems obvious, universities usually have libraries for students of all different levels. Whether you are an undergraduate student or a postgraduate student, your university library truly has a wealth of resources that you can refer to while you are studying there. 

Universities also have online libraries that transcend beyond what is there in the physical library as well. You should make use of these resources while you are working on your assignments or preparing for an exam.

Be sure to make the most of all the books and journal articles that you have access to since they can truly help shape your knowledge around a subject. 

Beyond books and journals, university libraries are the perfect spot for students who would like to study in a different environment. If you are someone who finds it difficult to get the motivation to study on your own in your student accommodation, then the university library might just be the perfect spot for you.

You can also book rooms with your friends for a designated amount of time and study together as well! Remember that libraries get filled up pretty quickly during exam season, so be sure to plan your schedule ahead of time and always remember to be mindful of the people around you! 

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Support Services

University can be challenging for a lot of people given the sudden change in environment, workload and so much more.

This is why universities have support services for those who might need them. The support offered ranges from counselling, tutoring, adjustment to deadlines and many others based on your needs. 

So if you find yourself struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to the support services that are there to help you out!

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Food and Dining

While most university-owned student accommodations are self-catered, there are some that offer an option for a meal plan.

Campus facilities include food halls that can usually be accessed not only by students living in the accommodation but by all students of the university. 

You can opt for a meal plan if you find it difficult to eat healthy or you can also opt for paying for your meals on the go.

Food halls have set times when they serve different meals, so be sure to refer to that.

Universities also have other cafes where you can grab a quick snack on your way to class, without the official timings as that of a food hall. 

Overall, there are plenty of food and dining options that are available as a part of campus facilities, so you can make the most of them while you are a student!

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Health and Fitness Facilities

One of the most exciting campus facilities that we would recommend you make the most of is the health and fitness centres.

This typically includes a range of facilities like a gym, tennis and badminton courts, swimming pool, and dance studio to name a few. 

Most of these are linked to a society, where you can take part in group sessions that are held regularly and even get the chance to compete.

Even if you are not a part of the society, you will be able to book these halls and studios either for free or at a discounted rate. 

So if you have been wanting to try out a new sport or practice one that you are good at, this is the perfect place for you!

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Technical and IT Support

Universities have campus-wide WiFI access that you can make use of for free just by using the login details provided by your uni. So you can work at any part of the campus comfortably without having to worry about connecting to a network. 

Campus facilities also include computer labs that can be used for your academic work. They also have printers and scanners as well. So if you need to get some bits printed for your next assignment, you know where you need to go!

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Career Services

Career services can be one of the most useful campus facilities if you know how to use them right. 

They are usually a team of dedicated individuals who are ready to help you with all things related to your career. This can be editing your CV, helping you create a new CV, making a cover letter, and giving guidance on how you can navigate your career regardless of which stage of your life you are in. 

They also regularly post any internships and career fairs that are opening up, so that students can attend them. Be sure to register for their emails so that you can keep on top of any opportunities!

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In conclusion, campus facilities are invaluable resources that enhance your university experience.

 Whether you’re delving into research at the library, seeking guidance from support services, or staying active at the gym, these facilities help both academic success and personal well-being.

Embrace these opportunities to enrich your time on campus and make lasting connections. Remember, these facilities are here to support you throughout your academic journey. Take full advantage of them and thrive in every aspect of university life!

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