10 Reasons Why Student Life In Edinburgh Is Far From Boring! 

This is it, the time you’re focusing on your studies to get the grades needed for your uni of choice!

When you come to think about it, it’s really not that long away until the academic term for 2022/2023 starts and you’re whisked away into your first year of university.

If you’re thinking about starting your student life in Edinburgh, at either the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University or Heriot Watt University, we wanted to make sure you were fully clued up on exactly why this is the best place for you.

Have you ever questioned ‘what’s Edinburgh like for students?’ or even wondered whether you’ll fit in with the crowd? If yes, then you’re on the right page. This blog is intended to either reassure you of your decision to move your life to Edinburgh, or it’ll make you realise it might not be for you!

Keep on reading to explore reasons why students love this magnificent capital city and why you’ll have such a great time!

1. It’s Littered With Historic Architecture and Features

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You’ll probably recognise Edinburgh straight away from any photos you view due to its historic architecture and cobblestone pathways. 

The city centre of Edinburgh is made up of two distinct areas; the Old Town and the New Town. As you can probably guess, the Old Town is the ancient part of Edinburgh and it’s preserved its mediaeval street plan and many Reformation-era buildings. Whereas Edinburgh’s New Town (which is not so new anymore) was built back in the Georgian era. 

Think about it, you could be strolling these streets during your free periods from uni, and be able to call it ‘home’…seems surreal – right?

Not only are the walkways littered with history, there’s even iconic attractions here which give Scotland’s capital its uniqueness and heritage. For example Edinburgh Castle proudly stands on Castle Rock and can be seen from anywhere in the city. Its presence is overwhelming for any tourists who visit, but this could be a monument you get to see everyday – now who wouldn’t be impressed by that?

2. Edinburgh’s Nightlife Is Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

three men drinking in a club in Edinburgh

Whether it be club nights, pub crawls or even classy cocktail evenings, when the sun sets over Edinburgh, the nightlife comes alive! 

For some students, nightlife is a super important part of their university journey, and we can whole-heartledly let you know that Edinburgh won’t disappoint. 

The streets are filled with a variety of places to suit everyone’s tastes, no matter what sort of night out you enjoy. 

If your first choice is Edinburgh University, did you know it’s home to the oldest purpose-built student union – Teviot Row House? We thought this was a pretty cool fact that resonates well with Edinburgh being such a historic city!

The Students Unions in Edinburgh are a great way to socialise, especially after hours as they host some of the biggest student events in the city. 

Outside of the uni institution, there’s a plethora of clubs to choose from if you fancy cheap drinks and great music. WhyNot is a brilliant venue and has been a firm fave by many students, especially since its refurbishment a couple of years ago. If you’re looking to get dressed up to the nines, head to Lulu’s. Located on George Street, Lulu’s is one of the best venues to visit, featuring a Saturday Night Fever style dance floor and plenty of seating areas to have a drink with your pals!

More of a relax and dine in the pub watching the latest sporting events? Get yourself to Belushis or Footlights. Both located in Edinburgh Old Town and serving some of the finest ales around, you’re guaranteed a brilliant night with your mates whatever day of the week.

3. Everyone’s Super Friendly 

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Honestly, if you’ve never stepped foot in Edinburgh then you’re probably not going to be prepared for how friendly everyone is!

It’s not uncommon to smile past strangers on the street, or even get chatting away to some of the locals. They’re all here for a good time and if you exude good energy, they will too!

Even with other students, they will make you feel right at home and you’re bound to find friends for life once you move up here.

4. There’ll Be An Influx Of Scottish Accents

There are a range of students who flock to Edinburgh for university, both internationally and domestically, but the sheer volume of Scottish accents you’re going to hear whilst living here…brace yourself. 

You’re probably going to struggle to understand the accent at times, and it might take a few weeks to get the hang of the lingo, but if you’re like us, the accent will be like heaven to you! 

Maybe you’re not a fan of the Scottish accent? *said no one ever* But if so, consider taking a step back and rethink your decision on moving here.

5. You Get To Live Right On The Coast!

girl walking on cramond causeway in Edinburgh

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Everyone dreams of the summer months, where it’s acceptable to bask in the sunshine on a lounger and drink endless pints. If this is you, then you’re more than likely going to thrive here during the sunny season!

Edinburgh is situated right on the coast and is home to some incredible beaches. Expect picturesque views and scenic walks along Portobello Beach, grab an ice cream and relax away from your uni work.

Cramond Island is a must visit for any students living here. It’s a tidal island in the Firth of Forth which is reached at low tide by a causeway! It makes for a brilliant day trip with your flatmates, just make sure to get your timings right or the tide will quickly swallow you up…

6. The Connecting Train Network Is Great For When You Need To Visit Family/Friends

birds eye view of edinburgh train station

Living away from home can sometimes be tough and if you’re wanting to travel around, Edinburgh has an interconnected UK train network which will make your life 10x easier.

Manchester, Birmingham, London and many more all have direct trains getting you into Edinburgh Waverley. If this is your first time moving out from home, you’ll honestly love this perk so much as it gives you so much to get around without a car!

7. It’s A Foodies Heaven

sushi from edinburgh which you can get

Ever felt the need to try Haggis? Probably not, but it’s definitely a traditional Scottish dish you’ll have to try if you move here. 

Eating and drinking is a part of the student life culture in Edinburgh, and it’s no surprise that on every corner there’s a tasty treat waiting for you to tuck into.

Visit Kanpai to be transformed into a sushi haven, or take out at Street Box, Edinburgh’s very own Thai street food stall serving every delicious Thai dish you can only dream of!

No matter what cuisine you fancy, there’s always something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

8. There’s Sooooo Much Greenery!

student life in Holyrood park in edinburgh

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Since being in lockdowns for the best part of two years, most students have started to appreciate living in places where there’s picturesque breathing spaces, rather than the bustle of city centre life.

Holyrood Park is Edinburgh’s largest green space of 650 acres. That’s prettyyyy big when you come to think about it… It’s located just south-east of the city centre and boasts breathtaking views of geographical features, such as Arthurs Seat.

If you haven’t heard of Arthur’s Seat then you must be living under a rock – right?! Yes, it may just look like a hill in Scotland, but really, it’s an ancient Volcano.

We can picture what you’re thinking ‘A volcano!? What if it erupts???’ Well, lucky for you this shouldn’t stop your student life in Edinburgh as it’s extinct and last erupted over 300 million years ago!

The Royal Botanic Garden is something a little different, but definitely a must visit whilst living here for uni. Most students love taking a walk around the awe-inspiring landscape and learning about the fascinating history! 

9. It’s Home To The World’s Largest Art Festivals

Student life in Edinburgh during the summer

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an exhilarating event in the calendar for most university students living here. Spanning over around 25 days, there’s so much to get involved with and you’re guaranteed an experience of a lifetime here.

In 2022, Edinburgh Fringe Festival celebrates its 75th anniversary – so you know this year’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! 

It’s taking place on the 05th to 29th August 2022 and tickets are a hot commodity…you don’t won’t want to miss this.

10. It Has Some Of The Best Student Accommodation In The UK

comfy seating and living in Edinburgh student accommodation

Whether you’re a domestic or international student, Edinburgh is home to some of the most luxurious student accommodation buildings and you could be living in one of ours by the next academic year!

Offering both cluster and studio apartments, we have a range of room styles to suit your preference and budget. So, if you fancy living with your friends, make sure to opt for our 4, 5 or 6 bed flats, or if you prefer to relax in your own private space, we have studios dedicated for you.

Interested? Check them out on our Edinburgh city page – you’re going to fall in love…

And there we have it, 10 pretty impressive reasons why student life in Edinburgh is far from boring! Take a moment to think about how you feel, does this sound like a place you would want to spend your university years? It sounds like a dream to us. For even MORE information on Edinburgh, check out our guide on the cost of living here as a student. It just might help secure the decision to choose Edinburgh as your university home!

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