Universal Student Living’s Action Around Coronavirus Onsites

We are closely monitoring the continued development of the coronavirus across the world as well as the UK. The safety and security of our residents and team is of paramount importance to us. As a result we are monitoring and following the advice from Public Health England and the NHS as well as the World Health Organisation.


What action is Universal Student Living taking during this pandemic within our properties:

Our staff are ensuring that

  • there is hand sanitiser situated at all entrances,
  • signage is displayed to remind tenants, staff and visitors to wash hands frequently and to catch coughs and sneezes,
  • tissues are available for tenants, staff and visitors at reception,
  • Plexiglass is situated in necessary reception areas,
  • all surfaces including lift buttons, door handles and surfaces are disinfected regularly,
  • lifts to stipulate number of people permitted at one time and make residents and contractors aware of this,
  • PPE stock levels to be well maintained and accessible to tenants,
  • they will notify students of any contractor visits,
  • and working areas meet with social distancing guidelines.

All site staff have guaranteed that

  • their hands are washed upon arrival and at regular intervals throughout the day,
  • paper towels should be used for hand drying,
  • current Government guidelines on social distancing are to be maintained at all times,
  • and face masks are worn when entering rooms, in shared work areas and in lifts.

We ask that current tenants that

  • they keep in regular contact with our students regarding government advice via email and social media platforms and signage,
  • inform staff if they are self-isolating or unwell and advice given if concerns re symptoms or welfare,
  • use “PLEASE DO NOT ENTER- I AM SELF ISOLATING” door hangers as a visual sign for Staff to know re completing welfare checks and assisting with parcel/food deliveries etc,
  • maintain social distancing at all times,
  • do not allow friends, relatives or food delivery drivers within the building until further notice,
  • and that they meet delivery drivers at front door to collect food items, unless self-isolating.

We ask that all deliveries

  • are made to deliver boxes just inside the door and couriers do not approach the Reception Desk,
  • do not require sign acceptance/delivery pad,
  • and, tenant to be notified by email of the delivery and to collect from reception.

Returning and new residents will

  • be asked to ensure they quarantine for 2-week if required under Government guidelines (in such instances, any shared flatmates to be offered alternative cooking facilities/personal space during this period),
  • ensure they are aware of changes to the building (lift use, common room restrictions, deliveries etc.),
  • and offered of support re food deliveries and welfare checks.

We ask that all contractors

  • provide a risk assessment prior to arranging visit, including checking our processes before agreeing to attend,
  • confirmation that engineer/tradesman considered “safe and well”,
  • are signed into & out of the site by a member of our staff with full name and contact number for tracing purposes,
  • are directed to washing facility and made aware of guidelines re lift use and expectations when entering shared spaces and residential areas,
  • wear PPE where and when necessary,
  • and adhere to social distance guidelines at all times.