Equality and Diversity Policy 2015

Universal Student Living is committed to providing equality of opportunity. Everyone has a right to such equality and to a good and harmonious environment and atmosphere in which everyone is encouraged to apply their diverse talents and in which no-one feels under threat or intimidated.

We are fully committed to eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity for all of our staff and tenants. We believe that where equality of opportunity exists all staff and tenants work and live in a more rewarding and less stressful environment, one where prejudice and harassment are not accepted, and one more likely to enhance performance and achievement.

Universal Student Living will maintain a culture where individual differences are valued and respected and which enables everyone to give of their best and helps Universal Student Living to respond more effectively to its residents, other clients and partners. Universal Student Living will promote equality of opportunity and fair participation within the framework of the law; and seek to be broadly representative of the society that we serve.

Universal Student Living will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, age, disability, religion, religious or similar philosophical belief, marital status, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment or community background.


This Policy, and its effective implementation, is the responsibility of the Directors but day to day responsibility for its oversight and promotion is delegated to the Regional Managers. However, all members of the senior management team are accountable for the effective implementation of the Diversity and Equality Policy in their specific areas of responsibility.

Each individual Universal Student Living Director and employee is accountable for their own behaviour; and responsible for operating within the principles and framework of this Policy.


Universal Student Living’s Board of Directors is responsible for the periodic review of the Diversity and Equality Policy. Universal Student Living will ensure that all employees have received basic training on diversity and equality and are fully aware of this Diversity and Equality Policy and related procedures.


The Diversity and Equality Policy will be clearly available on Universal Student Living’s website. An individual copy will also be given to all Directors and employees.

Universal Student Living will expect all individuals and organisations with whom it has a formal relationship to embody the same Equality values.

All organisations nominating students for residence in Universal Student Living’s accommodation will have this Policy drawn to their attention; and will be asked to confirm their commitment and adherence to the same Equality values.