How to look after yourself this December, and stay happy and healthy

December can be a stressful time of year. On top of studying there’s extra social events, the days are colder and darker, and money can become a worry. If you are struggling this holiday season there are plenty of places to get advice or talk to someone. Check out of our top 5 ways to battle the winter blues, and stay happy and healthy all year round:

Student well being in December

1. Manage your money

Managing a tight student budget when you are taking exams and living day-to-day university life can cause a lot of anxiety for some students. But there are simple steps you can take to stay on top of your finances, especially during the festive season.

student budget money

2. Keep active

It’s easy to go into hibernation mode now that the weather is colder and the evenings are darker. However, the more active you are the better your mood, and you will be less likely to catch a cold. The NHS has these easy tips for winter exercise.

3. Cope with exam stress

The key to managing exam stress is to feel in control. With a little bit of time management and organisation you can feel more prepared and less panicky about studying and exams. Charity Student Minds has plenty of resources to help you.

4. Mental health advice

It’s easy to have a lower mood during the winter months, and some students suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). But it’s important that you reach out for help if you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, low mood or depression. Your university will offer support and guidance throughout your studies if you are experiencing any kind of mental hardship. Contact your counselling service or the charity Student Minds for advice.

student winter mental health

5. Create your own sanctuary

Transform your student accommodation into a cosy haven which is also practical for everyday student life. Take a look at these awesome storage hacks and ideas of how to style your accommodation room on a student budget.