At Universal Student Living, we’re passionate about creating thriving student communities. We understand your living space matters, so we offer comfortable and secure accommodations near universities, amenities, and the city buzz.

Designed with you in mind, our properties boast cosy common areas, dedicated study spaces, modern kitchens, and superfast Wi-Fi. Explore our stunning, convenient locations and discover the perfect place to launch your university journey

More Than Just a Place

Universal Student Living creates the ultimate student experience. It’s what we love, and it’s what makes us different. We take pride in being a key part of your university journey.

A Leading Provider

Years of hard work and dedication have made us a leading provider of student accommodation in the UK. We focus on every detail to build a strong connection with our residents, fostering a welcoming community that keeps students coming back year after year.

The Perfect Balance

We understand the impact your living environment has on your university life. Our comfortable and friendly spaces provide the perfect balance for relaxation and academic focus. We partner with universities and student unions to ensure a top-notch experience.

Amenities For Comfort

Our stylish properties offer convenience – close to campuses, amenities, and nightlife. Each room is designed with you in mind, featuring modern kitchens, spacious study areas, and free WiFi. Whether you prefer an apartment, studio, or ensuite room, we have something for everyone.