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With locations across the country and a wealth of experience we pride ourselves on our student communities, the quality of our accommodation and the support that we can offer students. We want everything to be convenient for you, so our accommodation is far more than being just “halls”. We offer communal areas where films are shown, you can play pool or table tennis or you could just relax with friends.

Going to university is a huge change and a great challenge, therefore having the comfort of knowing you have a solid and stable home to return to each and every day is crucial. Discover what we can offer you today.

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18 acronyms you didn't know stood for something.

Acronyms, some of them are so common we don't even know what they stand for any more, here are the stories and meanings behind 18 words, names and titles that you might not have realised actually stand for something.

Harvard Referencing Like a Boss

The Journey to a Finished Dissertation

There's nothing quite like the feeling of handing in completed work, the euphoric moment you click send/hand over the wad of paper that symbolises your last 3ish years. Not to mention the obligatory #DissertationSelfie. But the journey to a finished dissertation is never an easy one.