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Who’s sick of constantly ordering Nando’s on Deliveroo? If so, you need to check out these quirky restaurants offering fast food in London…thank us later.

It’s dark, it’s cold and you’ve had a long day. Or, you’re coming in from a night out and are huuuuuuuuuunnnnngry.

Whatever state you’re in, we’ve all been there. You just don’t want to cook.

Living in London, you’re honestly spoilt for choice for takeaways. With so many cuisines, outlets and ways to order, sometimes the choice can be a bit overwhelming.

Rather than opt for your go-to takeaway, we’ve got a few different options for you to try. Didn’t anyone tell you variety is the spice of life?

With top picks from Deliveroo and Just Eat (because hello, still students) you’ll be able to expand your culinary horizons from the comfort of your student accommodation.

Malden Hall

1. Aya Lebanese Cuisine

delicious grill takeaway

@ayalebanesecuisine – Instagram

App: Deliveroo

Where: 2.40 Miles Away

20% off the entire menu

If you’re sick of standard Nando’s, pizza and kebab’s then this Lebanese place needs to be at the top of your list for new places to try.

Amazing for sharing with your student mates, Lebanese food is famous for dips, salads, meat and veg.

What more could you want? Oooooo we know, delicious flatbreads and olives.

Rated ‘excellent’, you know you’re missing out.

2. Fireaway

pizza to eat in London
@fireawaypizza – Instagram

App: Deliveroo

Location: 1.20 Miles Away

Ok, we know we just said, “If you’re sick of pizza…” but let’s get real- when would that ever happen?

The next time you want a slice of Italian, checkout Fireaway in Wimbledon.

Rated ‘very good’ on Deliveroo and with pizza, chicken, calzone, gelato and milkshakes on the menu, you really can’t go wrong.

3. Wagaya Sushi

sushi and food to eat

App: Deliveroo

Location: 2.50 miles away

Sushi is pretty bougie and has a more expensive price tag than your standard takeaway but this restaurant is defo worth trying.

With delish fish, Japanese curries, rice rolls, dumplings, tempura and bento boxes, you’ll feel like you’re in the bustling city streets of Tokyo from your student accommodation.

4. Wimbledon Tandoori

korma curry you need to try

App: Just Eat

15% off when you spend £25 before 22.00

We don’t know about you, but we can never pass on a curry. Creamy kormas, kicking dopiazas, fluffy naan, pillowy rice – pure heaven. If you haven’t tried it already, Wimbledon Tandoori should be the next curry house on your list. Delivery takes between 45-60mins but it’s totally worth it.

Academic House

1. Neat Burger

greasy burgers you need to try now
@neat.burger – Instagram

App: Deliveroo

Location: 2.40 miles away

All vegan all day.

A burger joint that is vegan and has gluten free options.

Too good to be true? Think again. Neat Burger has absolutely maxed out on its menu offering with twists on classic faves like Filet-No-Fish.

If you needed even more convincing, there’s currently 25% off all orders over £20.

2. Big Cheeks Thai

thai takeaway in London

App: Deliveroo

Location: 2.30 miles away

Thai is one of the all-time greats of takeaways and Big Cheeks Thai does not disappoint.

With dishes like ‘Drunken Noodles’, you’d think they made it especially for us.

All the usual suspects are on the menu like big man massaman curry, your green and red varieties plus the GOAT Pad Thai.

With reasonable prices, treat yourself tonight and give Big Cheeks a go.

3. Roosters Piri Piri

meat burger full of veggies
@roosterspiripiriofficial – Instagram

App: Just Eat

15% off when you spend £15

Loads of choice, rave reviews and tonnes of Piri Piri – what more could you want from your next takeaway?

From freshly prepared falafel and crispy halloumi to that heavenly Piri Piri chicken that we all love, Roosters is defo one to add to your list.

4. Mikos Gyros

selection of tasty treats
@mikosgyros – Instagram

App: Just Eat

It’s no Mykonos but close enough.

Well not really but the food is ultra-Greek and ultra-tasty. Made from scratch, the gyros (kebab) is authentic, delish and fresh.

Choose from a number of fillings, including a vegan option, and pair with chips and a side if you’re feeling super hungry.

All Miko Gyros does is kebab and chips and it does it damn well.

Fulham Palace Studios

1. Putney Tanduri

chicken tikka

App: Deliveroo

Location: 1.50 Miles Away

50% off the entire menu (T&Cs apply)

All time takeaway heroes, slashed prices, rave reviews and closes at midnight. This is your next winner winner, chicken tikka dinner.

2. Brooklyn Pizza Crew

cheesy filled pizza
@brooklynpizzacrewuk- Instagram

App: Deliveroo

Location: 1 mile away

30% off the entire menu (T&Cs apply)

Transport yourself to the pizza slice shacks of Brooklyn from the comfort of your student accommodation.

With gigantic 20 inch pizzas, it’s great for sharing and in your student budget.

Loads of topping combos and big slices mean this pizza joint is a must try.

3. Cho Sim

korean food in london

App: Just Eat

10% off when you spend £15

Korean food is super popular at the minute and why wouldn’t it be?

Amazing flavours, meats, veggies, rice, soups, BBQ – you name it, it is gorge.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried Korean food before, make sure Cho Sim is the place you do it.

Quick delivery and tasty options, this restaurant makes being lazy taste so good.

4. Macro Food

healthy dinner
@macrofooduk – Instagram

App: Just Eat

Free delivery when you spend over £7

Don’t want to cook but don’t want to feel bad about it? Want to save on calories but max out on flavour?

If that’s a bit of you then Macro Food is the takeaway you need.

Brimming with meal combos and dietary information that would make any gym head pee their pants in delight, Macro Food makes sure you know exactly what your ordering and how it fits with your current training plan.

Whether you’re into keto, macros, free from or vegan diets, you’ll find something tasty, healthy and pretty cheap too.

WOW! Our mouths are definitely watering and tummy’s grumbling after all that. Let us know which ones your try and how you get on.

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