Healthy Summer Snacks Treats to Keep You Energised in the Heat

We’ve had a week of summer so far this year, and it is always hit-and-miss in the UK as to whether you’ll get a scorching hot day in the sun or a downpour for a week. But it’s also good to be prepared in advance for when we inevitably get that heat wave that surprises everyone!

If you want to get out in the sun, to stay cool and hydrated, but you want to remain as healthy as possible, here are some healthy summer recipes and snacks that you can use to keep your body cool, but crucially energised during a hot summer’s day.

We’ve helped you in the past with baking recipes for a summer party, and this is another string to your bow this summer!

people having an outdoor meal in the summer

Keeping your body cool in the summer

It is important to stay hydrated during the summer, especially when there is a heatwave, and the temperature has hit the heights. You don’t want to eat much when it’s boiling hot, so it’s important to have those healthy, cooling snacks that keep you going.

You need to ensure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and of course, there are ways you can make this a little bit more exciting, with iced tea, fruit juices and other cool drinks.

For healthy summer snacks, consider fruits and vegetables that have high water content and that give you those important nutrients and all the good stuff alongside more hydration, such as cucumber or watermelon and other fruits that are high in water content and are cool to eat and drink.

If you are heading out for a picnic and have a cool bag, this is the perfect way to travel with cold drinks, to keep ice cubes drinks and other treats frozen and cool. When it is really hot outside, these little cubes of cool fruit that pop cold in your mouth are a delight and offer some brief relief.

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Healthy and energising summer snacks and recipes

Here are some quick and easy snacks and summer recipes that will help you on your next summer jaunt, when you’re out for a picnic, a trail run, a walk along the waterfront in your student town, or just to sit in the park with the sun beating down and a book in your hand.

Trail mix

Trail mix is a wonderful and really simple way to get some healthy fats and nutrients inside you as you go about your day. There are loads of different variations of trail mix that you can buy or make up yourself at home.

It is a healthy mixture of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and whatever you want to throw in, such as dark chocolate chips, cherries, cranberries, and more.

trail mix in a bowl

Cucumber cooler

A cucumber cooler is a fantastic way to stay hydrated on a hot day, but it also promotes weight loss, is full of antioxidants, helps to lower blood pressure and supports healthy skin and bone health.

It can be made easily by chopping up some cucumbers and blending them together with half a cup of water and some fresh mint leaves until it is a fine paste. Strain this paste, add in some lemon juice and pour into a glass with some ice cubes. It is one of the most refreshing drinks you can have on a hot and humid day, delicious!

cucumber water

Granola bars

Store-bought granola bars aren’t always the healthiest choice, as they are bound together with sugar, but you can make your own at home quite easily, as a way of eating a healthy snack on the go and giving you everything you need on a hot day.

Focus on oats, nuts, seeds, and some dried fruit, and then to stick it together you can use dates and bananas to help bind everything together in a handy bar shape.

granola bars

Mango smoothie

Another cooling drink that is healthy, assists with heart health and is packed full of nutrients that help build your immunity.

All you need to make a good mango smoothie to take out with you for the day is half a cup of milk, some cubes of mango and frozen banana. Blend this together until it is smooth yet thick, and then pour into a container of your choice.

mango smoothie

Red cabbage slaw

A cooling, colourful slaw is a great addition to your summer recipes, as it goes with a whole host of dishes, whether you are going out on a picnic with your loved one or hosting a barbecue with friends.

This recipe is low in carbohydrates and packed with nutrients. It’s tangy and sweet, very quick and easy to put together and gives you that boost of energy when you’re flagging on a hot day. Whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and maple syrup and set aside for the dressing. In a large bowl, mix together bell pepper, red cabbage, parsley, orange, apple, cashews and pumpkin seeds.

Pour over the dressing, toss together well and let it sit for 10 minutes to absorb the flavour.

cabbage slaw

Whether you are looking for some healthy summer recipes to keep you energised on a long walk in the nature trails this summer or you want to discover some delicious picnic essentials for al fresco dining in the summer break we’re always happy to help you out with the latest and greatest ideas of how to eat well in the summer.

These are just a few quick and easy summer recipes that you can put to good use.

Do you have your own personal favourites to keep you cool and energised when we do have a heat wave in the UK? There are loads of different ways you can approach it, depending on your dietary requirements, your taste, where you are for the day ahead on a hot summer’s day, and how hot it actually is!

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