#StudyTok: 10 Things You Should Avoid When Studying

The beginning of the academic year is almost here which means you’re probably keen to improve your study habits and get an effective routine in place for your upcoming university work.

We’ve put together this guide to help you out with 10 things you should avoid when studying which we’ve curated from #StudyTok. You’ll be THAT student next term!

Things to avoid when studying

1. Studying Without A Plan

First things first, when it comes to working hard and being productive with your uni assignments, essays or exams, you need to set up a plan to be consistent and organised.

This is a given as you should prioritise your time and focus on tasks that are most important first.

However, you should also plan everything you’ll need whether its stationery, drinks or snacks too.

One user on TikTok suggests preparing all your stuff beforehand so that way you have no reason to leave your desk and get distracted somewhere else.

So, if you keep getting up for a coffee or biscuit break then you should get whatever you need ready before you sit down and start your study session.

This way you’re not procrastinating and are focused on the task at hand.

Seems like pretty good advice, right?!

Studying without a plan

2. Studying Whilst On Your Bed

This TikTok user states that it’s important to find a dedicated study space to get your uni work done, he says that you shouldn’t study on your bed because your brain will be relaxed and won’t retain any information.

Instead, you should complete your uni work at your desk or a table as it can not only ruin your studying habits but also your sleeping habits.

Plus, studying at a desk will encourage better posture and will be comfier than lying down.

Trust us, it seems comfy and great studying in bed at first, but you’ll get back and neck pain.

Your bed is where you relax AFTER studying.

Studying in bed

3. Having Your Phone Within Reach

Having your phone within reach is one of the most important things to avoid when studying.

We’re all guilty of it though, aren’t we?

This TikTok User suggests putting your device in another room so that it’s out of sight and out of mind.

She also states that if you do like having your phone with you when studying, to put it face down and put it on do not disturb mode so that your notifications are silenced.

It’s not good to keep checking your phone when you’re trying to complete uni work, as you won’t be able to concentrate if you’re focused on scrolling through social media accounts or reading messages off people.

Once you’ve finished with your required study session, then go on your phone as a reward for working hard.

On phone when studying

4. Not Taking Breaks

Further things to avoid when studying is not taking breaks.

This TikTok user highlights the importance of having a healthy balance when it comes to working, otherwise you will just get yourself into a toxic routine.

You need time to socialise, un-wind and relax when working as it will positively affect your attention and will keep you focused on what you’re doing.

So, work for half an hour to an hour, and then take a 10–20-minute study break.

If you’re pulling an all-day study session, especially during the busy exam period, you should take longer breaks perhaps by going to lunch with a friend if you’re at the library or going for a walk.

Breaks are important for your body and mind, don’t overwork yourself!

Study break

5. Listening To Music With Lyrics

Many of you are probably guilty of blasting tunes out when you’re studying to make things a bit more enjoyable and to keep you motivated, however, it can be very distracting.

This TikTok user suggests listening to upbeat lyrical music is a bad study habit which students shouldn’t do. Instead, listen to a lo-fi playlist as it will be relaxing if you like having background music while working.

Many studies have shown that individuals who listen to music with lyrics while completing reading or writing tasks tend to be less efficient and absorb less information than those who haven’t.

So, switch up your study playlist before the next term!

Listening to music when studying

6. Not Having A Clear Study Space

Keen to study smarter and not harder? Well, you need to sort out your designated study space above all.

The environment you’re working in needs to be de-cluttered as a clear space = a clear mind.

One TikTok user states that you should keep only the things you use within reach, store everything else off your desk, have good lighting and sit in a comfortable chair that supports your posture.

If your study space was a mess last semester, then you should clean it up and get your home office organised.

So that you can work hard, and you’ll be more motivated to study if you’re not surrounded by so much stuff!

Clear study space

7. Eating The Wrong Foods

Brain food is super important to boost your productivity and improve your focus.

Whilst it can be tempting to snack out on unhealthy junk food when studying, you should instead try to maintain a healthy diet to boost your brain power!

This TikTok video explains that berries are a great snack to eat whilst studying as they’re rich in antioxidants and support your overall brain health so, get some strawberries, raspberries or blueberries pronto!

They go on to state that another good food to eat is hummus as chickpeas are rich in magnesium which help speed up message transmission in the brain. Which is good news for all you crisp and hummus lovers out there.

Make sure you’re eating and eating enough whilst studying as you will lack energy and you need to take care of your body!

It doesn’t matter how rushed for time you are, try to avoid skipping meals or not drinking enough water.

Eating when studying

8. Not Contacting Your Lecturers For Help

One TikTok user states that not contacting your lecturers for help is a toxic study habit, and we couldn’t agree more.

This is a no-no, if you’re unsure on how to do something, reach out for help by sending a quick email or approach them after a lecture or seminar.

Your lecturers are there to support you, you might feel anxious or intimidated to give them a message, but you should explain your problem and get some academic advice. There’s no point in struggling in silence.

You should also reach out to your teachers if personal issues are affecting your studying and academic performance, as you will be able to get necessary support.

If you’re super worried about approaching a professional, then ask one of your course mates for some help with the task you’re stuck on or see if they can offer you some advice.

Chances are, you won’t be the only one who’s found something difficult or not understood a certain topic within your degree course!

Struggling with uni work

9. Leaving Things To The Last Minute

You shouldn’t leave studying until the last minute, many students do this but it will have a negative effect on your uni work.

This is due to the fact that postponing your tasks and cramming in responsibilities will just leave you rushing and stressed out to complete your assignments.

Not to mention, poor time management isn’t a great skill to have when it comes to graduating and looking for career prospects.

This TikTok video highlights that you should stop procrastinating and leaving things until the day before or the day of the deadline.

Instead, they suggest if you have a 3000-word essay due next week for example, to do a certain word count each day as it will make your deadline SO much easier to meet.

Leaving things to the last minute

10. Taking Self Care For Granted

Lastly on our list of bad study habits is not looking after yourself.

It can be easy to get yourself stressed out and struggle to find time to care for your body and mind, but it’s SO important to practice self-care and leave room for your personal life.

This viral TikTok explains the ways you can protect your mental health as a busy uni student.

Firstly, they state that you should move your body and exercise even if it’s just for 10-minutes.

They then say you should schedule times to relax within your study schedule and prioritise a healthy sleep schedule over everything else.

Say goodbye to pulling an all nighter and relying on energy drinks, its important to get enough sleep!

Yes, your university work is important but make sure to look after yourself and don’t put your studies before you!

You’ll only get yourself stressed and struggle with burnout if you’ve pushed yourself without treating yourself too.

Take time to have a pamper night after a busy day in the library or watch your fave films after a study session in your student flat. This gives you something to look forward to whilst cracking on with your work.


That’s the end of our article on things to avoid when studying with helpful tips and tricks from #StudyTok.

We hope we’ve helped you out with the poor study habits to rectify before you start your next year of university, go be the best version of yourself!

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