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Bangor is a beautiful town in North Wales, close to Anglesey and the picturesque nature of the Welsh coastline. It is also famous for being home to the longest high street in the whole of Wales! What you get as a student in Bangor is the chance to immerse yourself in the charming views, the architectural delights, and if you are a bit of a foodie, there are quite a few charming eateries and restaurants in Bangor and the surrounding areas.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best restaurants in Bangor. Fancy a dinner out with your flatmates and course mates? There is something to suit all tastes in Bangor, including some amazing cafés and coffeehouses for brunch and lunch, tapas restaurants serving up a fresh flavour of the Mediterranean, and some quirky eateries in iconic Bangor locations that offer seafood, burgers, crepes and more.

1. Domu – High Street

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Domu is a coffee house and tea salon that is a haven for veggies in North Wales. Spread over two floors, this is a place that must be visited, whether you are looking for a quiet spot to brunch with friends, a pot of tea, or maybe just a slice of cake on your way home from university as a treat for all your hard work.

Open Monday – Saturday, 9.30am – 5pm, Domu has a friendly feel and ambience, with the background music spot on to relax.

The whole concept behind Domu is that of a roadside Ukrainian café, with daily changing menus focusing on simple, tasty food that is fresh and interesting. The board outside will tell you what you can expect that day, with the small team coming up with new ideas and recipes all the time. Highly recommended for the relaxed atmosphere and community feel.

If you’re going, opt for the peanut butter pretzel bites that come with a pot of Mumbai chai…you won’t regret it.

2. Clio Lounge

We can’t speak highly enough of Clio Lounge; it embodies all the qualities of a fantastic café with its welcoming atmosphere, convenient ordering via its app, and exceptional coffee sourced from Clifton Coffee Roasters.

With a wide range of brews available, coffee lovers are spoilt for choice, and their Mochas are particularly outstanding.

What sets them apart is their variety of milk options, including soya, coconut, and oat milk, along with various syrups.

For a hassle-free lunch, don’t miss their £5.75 lunch deal featuring a mug of soup and half a panini. Conveniently located on Bangor High Street, Clio Lounge will become your go-to place for a quick bite!


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3. Kyffin Café Deli – High Street

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A café located at the very top of Bangor High Street, Kyffin is an absolute delight to the senses. You’ll find Fairtrade items from all around the world, with a seasonal menu that includes ingredients grown by the kitchen staff themselves. This means that whatever you have on your plate has probably been picked that day; fresh, seasonal food like no other in Bangor’s restaurants.

It was the first vegetarian and vegan café in Bangor, established back in 2005. Expect vegan and veggie treats with five choices for a main meal available every single day, and the menu changes each day too, keeping things fresh and exciting. The perfect place for a hearty meal at lunchtime, to help power you on for the rest of the day. The everyday lunch is priced under a tenner with cakes around £3-4.

One of the best aspects of Kyffin is that they have a back garden area that is perfect for outdoor dining when the weather is nice.

4. Bangor Tandoori

Bangor Tandoori is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Bangor, offering an array of authentic Indian dishes. With a warm and inviting ambiance, it’s the perfect spot for a delightful dining experience.

From aromatic curries to delicious tandoori specialities, each dish is meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Whether you’re craving a spicy chilli chicken or a creamy korma, their extensive menu caters to every palate.

With friendly service and generous portions, Bangor Tandoori ensures a memorable dining experience that will leave you coming back for more!

5. Creperie Café – Holyhead Road

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You know what to expect from Creperie Café – crepes and waffles. What you might not expect though, is the absolutely huge range of fillings and flavours that are on offer on the menu. At first glance it might seem overwhelming but take a step back and a deep breath and you’ll soon see all your crepe dreams coming alive in front of your very eyes.

Choose a traditional savoury crepe of ham and cheese, or why not try a ginger jam and icing sugar crepe? They’ve even got hot dogs, sandwiches, and sushi on the menu. You’ve got time, so you could work your way through the whole menu, with a cup of some of the best coffee in Bangor to wash it all down. The perfect place to treat yourself on the weekend after working hard in uni all week!

6. Tŷ Golchi – Caernarfon Road

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As far as restaurants in Bangor go, you won’t find another quite like Tŷ Golchi. It isn’t just a restaurant, it is also an exhibition space, a live music venue, and a comedy show-house, amongst other things.

But we’re here to talk about restaurants in Bangor, and the local, seasonal menu is outstanding. Everything is fresh, and you’ll find big crowds returning time and again for the Sunday lunch, which is always a standout on the menu. The regular comedy nights are a particular favourite of the locals, so why not head down and grab a bite to eat during the day, before returning for when the show starts?

Opening hours are 9.30am till 4pm every day, covering big breakfast plates for under a tenner, through fresh sandwiches at lunchtime (soup and a sandwich is an extra £2), and main dishes like juicy burgers and deep-fried scampi and chips.

7. Whistlestop on the Pier

whistletop restaurant

With breath-taking views of the Menai Straits, Anglesey, and Snowdonia, Whistlestop on the Pier is highly regarded as one of the best eateries in Bangor, or is even argued as unbeatable, all from a charming kiosk on the pier! There is some outside seating, and it makes for an interesting spot to stop, sit with a pair of binoculars, and look out to the water from the pier, snack in hand. The weekend is the perfect time to visit, blowing away the cobwebs on your day off.

Local produce is all over the menu, including Menai Mussels, homemade Anglesey burgers, Seafood chowder, and even ice-cream and Bara Brith made local. The scuffins (a tasty combination of a muffin and a scone) really stand out on the menu, served with fresh cream and jam. As a customer here, expect exceptional service, great food and flavour, in a spectacular location like no other.

8. The Slate – Tal y Bont

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Out on the eastern side of Bangor, this lovely restaurant is the perfect place to visit if you are out celebrating a special occasion. It is an upmarket venue with stellar dining service, stylish presentation, and an eye for the finer details. The focus is on the little details that make the ambience, the service, and the food what it is – the highest standard possible.

Their modern menu favours seasonal ingredients and dishes, the starters are priced around the £7-£10 mark with wild mushroom, garlic oil and crostini, a beautiful way to whet your appetite in preparation for the main course.

Mains begin at £15, including chicken and asparagus risotto, fish of the day taking in the latest catch, steak burgers, lamb shank, brisket, and more modern takes on stellar cuisine.

The aesthetic takes inspiration from slate, taking centre stage in both the hotel rooms and the restaurant, as it does in much of North Wales. Everything has been designed and planned down to the finest detail and you’ll certainly feel this when you experience a lovely meal at The Slate. Nothing is too much trouble and the end result is magnificence.

If you are moving to Bangor as a student, or you already live there, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our list. Is there anything we’ve missed that must be seen? What do you agree with from our recommendations? Let us know about restaurants in Bangor that you know and love.

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