Top 8 Vegan Fast Food Options For Students Revealed

Gone are the days of struggling to find vegan fast food options, nowadays plenty of your favourite food hubs offer plant based options, for student friendly prices. 

If you don’t have too much time to cook up a plant-based breakfast or lunch in the kitchen your student accommodation provides, then the easiest alternative is to grab it on the go before heading to your next lecture, right? 

We all know the well-known items like a McDonalds Cheeseburger and a Burger King Whopper, but now those who are vegan can enjoy fast food options which are perfect for when you’re on the go! 

If you’re looking for the best fast food options to suit your vegan diet and your student budget, you’ve come to the right place. 

vegan fast food options

1. McDonalds

When it comes to fast food chains in the UK, McDonald’s takes the lead, there’s at least one in every city and town, if not more! 

Lucky for you vegans out there, Maccies now have a variety of options to suit your diet from burgers to dippers to wraps. 

Their menu offers 3 plant-based burgers including the McPlant, Double McPlant and the Vegetable Deluxe.

The McPlant contains a plant-based patty whilst the Deluxe contains red pesto veggie goujons so, grab whichever one calls to you.

If wraps are more your style, go for The Spicy Veggie One, you get some veggie dippers with a bit of salad all in a tortilla – sounds absolutely delicious!

If you would rather have veggie dippers but without the wrap they offer them in a 2 piece or a 4 piece option.

To discover everything plant-based on the McDonald’s menu at the minute, head to their website. 

McDonald's vegan

Photo by: McDonald’s

2. Burger King

Burger King is one of the best fast food options for vegans, with tons based across the UK. 

This popular fast food restaurant currently has 10 vegan options available on their menu for you to choose from, which is even more than what McDonalds has to offer.

Some of their plant-based options include the Whopper, Whopper with vegan cheese and Whopper with vegan cheese and bacon – we can confirm, they’re yummy! 

To further help you out with what to order, they also have a plant-based Bakon King and Bakon King Double for twice the goodness. 

Plus a Vegan Royale, Royale with vegan cheese, Royale with vegan cheese and bacon and a Royale Bakon King.

If you don’t fancy a burger then why not grab their vegan nuggets? You get 6 nuggets with a dip of your choosing. 

For everything vegan on the Burger King menu, check out the official website.

burger king vegan range

Photo by: Vegan Food & Living

3. KFC

Next within our guide to vegan fast food options is none other than KFC.

Despite being known for their fried chicken, they also offer some tasty dishes for those on a plant based diet – quite surprising, right?

Their Original Recipe Vegan Burger is a top choice for students on the go, with a Quorn fillet coated in their famous 11 Herbs and Spices in a sesame bun with lettuce and vegan mayo.

You can get the burger on it’s own, or It is also available as a meal with your choice of drink.

Sadly, there aren’t any other vegan options on their menu at the minute, but this award winning burger is quite the catch, make sure to try it out.

kfc plant based options

Photo by: KFC

4. Nando’s

Nando’s may be another restaurant known for their focus on chicken, but they also offer vegan fast food options too. 

There’s actually tons of plant-based options on the menu, with the likes of Houmous with PERi-PERi Drizzle, Sweet Potato Wedges with Garlic PERinaise and Spicy Mixed Olives for starters – they’re super tasty! 

For something a bit more filling, go for their Spiced Chickpea Burger, The Great Imitator with your choice of a burger, wrap or pitta, or even Rainbow Bowl for something a little healthier. 

You can order Nando’s for collection for a quick bite to eat or get it delivered straight to your student flat, the choice is yours! 

nando's vegan food

Photo by: Nando’s

5. Papa Johns

If you fancy a pizza then Papa Johns is where it’s at, with many restaurants across the UK.

With 4 vegan pizzas, a papidia and 4 vegan side options you have a variety of items to choose from if you’re feeling hungry and in need of something delicious. 

They offer a vegan garden party pizza, vegan cheese and tomato pizza, jackfruit “pepperoni” pizza and the vegan works pizza, which are all made using 100% fresh dough. 

If a sandwich is what you are looking for then grab their vegan philly mushroom sandwich which consists of mushrooms, onion, green peppers, vegans cheese and ranch sauce – it’s perfect for a quick lunch! 

If none of these have grabbed your fancy, then check out their sides.

Their’s some mouth watering choices including vegan branston pickle and cheese sticks, vegan cheese potato tots & tots with jalapeno and “not-chicken” vegan bites.

papa johns vegan fast food options

Photo by: Vegan Food & Living

6. Chipotle

For those of you who are studying in London, another vegan fast food option is Chipotle, a popular chain from the USA which specialises in Mexican food. 

This food hub is the place to go for lifestyle bowls, burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads and sides.

Depending on your preference or what you feel like at the time you can grab a vegan lifestyle bowl, put together a burrito, burrito bowl or taco with vegan braised tofu or grab some nachos with vegan friendly dip. 

Despite only being in The Capital at the minute, we’re hoping more and more restaurants will open up around the UK. 

You can discover where your local Chipotle is or order online through their website. 

chipotle vegan fast food options

Photo by: Green Matters

7. Greggs

Who doesn’t love Greggs? We certainly do! 

Being the most popular bakery chain in the UK, Greggs now has a few vegan options so no one has to miss out on a delicious sausage roll or a pasty. 

As well as the vegan sausage roll, they offer a vegan sausage breakfast roll, a vegan sausage, bean and cheese melt, a vegan Cajun chicken-fee roll and a vegan southern fried chicken-free baguette. 

The best part is, Greggs prices are more than affordable for your student budget.

They even offer exclusive deals for those at university through Student Beans so, make sure to make the most of some money off. 

Head down to your local shop or order click and collect via the app. 

greggs vegan fast food options

Photo by: The Independent

8. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is the largest coffee shop chain in the UK and is a popular choice for students who are on the go. 

Thankfully, they’ve jumped on board and have begun to offer some great vegan fast food options suitable for breakfast and lunch, plus a few desserts if you feel tempted.

If you ever need to quickly grab some breakfast then they have a vegan hot cross bun or a vegan sausage bap for you to get your hands on.

Or for lunch they have a vegan meatball wrap, a vegan smoky ham and cheese toastie or a vegan BBQ chicken panini – easy if you’re in a rush.

Check out your local restaurant or order online.

costa coffee vegan fast food options

There we have it, our list of the top vegan fast food options for students.

We hope this helps you in your quest for plant-based food when you are limited on time, or don’t fancy breaking the bank.

Don’t forget, some of these fast food options offer exclusive deals for students so make sure to bring along your student ID with you for some money off. 

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